A Life w/o Borders

How much of your life do you want to spend working To pay off your rent or your mortgage?

We only live once.

the last thing we want for our one precious life is being stuck and watching the years go by


EXP.Life is a living solution: for an affordable monthly fixed fee, you can now choose where you live, where you work, where you meet people, and where you, in your authentic ways, make your life count.

From premium capsules at the heart of metropolitans to traditional 'kominka' (traditional houses) immersed in a Japanese forest, this lifestyle subscription turns your apartment into a living network. You no longer have to be restrained to a single place, tied down by a single lease.

Whether you are a professional working remote, parent to a young family, or a retired citizen seeking for purpose in a second or third or fourth career, as long as you have the passion for life: to live to your fullest potential until the very last breath, this is for you.

It is not where you are from, or your age, your colour, your gender or orientation that defines you. It is the path you take.

We EXP. therefore We Are.

The Experience Contents

Wellness Travel_


International Co-living
Camping Cars
Nature Escapes



Art museums / Galleries
Independent Chefs
Artist / Music Studios



Spiritual Healing



Co-working / Co-creation Spaces
Local Events
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One Fixed Fee to Live Free,
Starting from 100 USD / mo.

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