Architectural Brand Code

EXP®’s Brands are multi-dimensional orchestration that creates unforgettable, inspiring and delightful experiences –and the feelings that comes with– in every user we have the fortune to interact with.

This Brand Code version begins with the fundamental elements of our brand and move into 2-Dimensional applications across multiple media such as prints and digital. Future updates are expected, contributions and feedbacks are appreciated.

What is A Brand?

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did,

but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou

0.  Philosophy

minimalism, wabi-sabi, and technology.

While sleep in itself is arguably one of the most 'minimalist' activity, when it comes to materials, we also believe in having less, but better. Moreover, research has shown that a positive experience of equal monetary value provides more lasting sense of happiness than that of material goods. That is our fundamental insight.

On the other hand, Wabi-sabi as a Japanese aesthetics appreciates the raw, honest nature of materials which, in todays dominant culture of 'newer-shinier-better', might sometimes be regarded as imperfect or crude. May that be the case, we cannot foresee a sustainable future where everyone subscribes to the constant upgrades, and disposal of perfectly good items. We must learn to appreciate the raw, the imperfect but honest expressions.

From the stone age to the industrial revolution, the enlightenment to the information age, technology defines our time. At SLEEEP we observe and analyse the effects of technological changes while embracing them. We recognise the negative effects of ubiquitous technology to our sleeps and we shall use
technology to reverse this trend.

0.1 Aesthetics

SLEEEP's aesthetics is the expression of the underlying philosophy. While it is difficult to put these sensitivities into words, all members who represents the SLEEEP Brand are encouraged to study and immerse oneself in our mood boards from time to time as these collections grow organically.

Our living collections of mood boards can be found on our

Pinterest | Look & Feel

0.2 Values


We value sustainability, in the sense that each of us should, in our lifetime, strive to leave behind a world better than that which we have received.


‍We value honesty, truth, and integrity That which is not seen or visible must also be good.


We believe that the ever-changing state of the world comes with problems that asks for new solutions: not from the vacuum, but drawing from the wealth of history and wisdom, applied through design and technology.


Diversity is the basis of evolution, of resilience, and of inspirations. Contrasting opinions, when communicated respectfully, are opportunities for synergy.


We value quality over quantity. Experience over materials. Happiness over stuff.

0.X Book Recommendations

Zen Mind Beginner's Mind

In Praise of Shadows

Tao De Jing



1. Graphics Identity