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Zazen on the Cloud:
Live guided meditations and discussions, 45 minutes per session, guided by a Zen Monk, moderated by a Creator, made possible by a driven community.

Originated from Kyoto, meets on the cloud, open for the whole wide world.

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How It Works

A Linguistic immersion

In Japanese, English + a bit of Chinese.

From traditional knowledge in Zen Buddhism to modern lingo in the start-up world, from Japanese to English to Chinese, this meditation group has evolved into a linguistic journey for those who wishes to not just meditate, but to immerse oneself into this vibrant cultural interaction through the intricate translations between ideas and words, languages, as well as cultures.

This may just be perfect for those who are not just interested in Zen, but also in the intersection of languages and cultures.

interactive Discovery

an Upward-cycle

Every series we delve deep into the exploration of one topic. Every series is made up of 3 sessions. Each session is 45 mins, with two 'sits' of guided meditation by Zen monk Ito Toryo from Ryosokuin, and community dialogues in between the sits.

Each session is built upon the previous, and so does each series: week after week, creating an upward-cycle for our personal and social lives.

The EXP Cycle





Actions + Measurements


Growth + Influence


Values + Vision

Version up

The upward-cycle

Past Themes

Motivation / Empowerment / Communication / Teamwork / Leadership / Love / Ego / Resilience / Affirmation / Fear / Success

The Global Community

Our global community comes from 22 (and growing) different countries,
though we may have never met in person, we are here for each other.


I need to spend more time with myself to affirm. Unxe session is very important for me to reflect on myself. Thank you.

My Saturday's are brighter and more enriching since I joined UnXe. Thank you

Toryo-san’s questions on the last session made me realize the most important things and people at this moment. Thank you very much.

"Fear" was a very interesting topic, which actually changed my view on this topic as a whole.

I enjoyed every session, topic. An eye-opener and I learn about myself all the time. Thank you.


The facilitators

Toryo Ito - Zen Monk
15 years of experience leading meditation locally and internationally.His teaching’s essence lies in "Loosening up and letting go", delivered via multimedia, accessible by anyone, anytime.In order to promote the wisdom of Zen Buddhism he is active in co-creation with artists

Joe Jun Liao - Experience Architect
Harvard Graduate in Architecture, UCLA in Design | Media Arts. Ex-Urban Design Software Engineer at Esri Inc., California.
Multi-international-design awards recipient.
Co-founder + CEO of wellness-tech start-up EXP, creator of capsule hotel SLEEEP in Hong Kong, Japanese campervan FUUUN; Actively creating a wellness-living network spanning Hong Kong + Japan  + Thailand that synthesises personal wellness with the common good.

Toryo ItoJoe Jun Liao

sIGN-UP Flow

1. Sign-up for the series through the link below

2. Receive confirmation email

3. Subscribe to our Google Calendar via the link in the email;

4. Join the Zoom meeting via the link in the email at the right time


The Schedule

Every First 3 Saturdays of the month


SAT 8:45 am (GMT +9)

Hong Kong

SAT 7:45 am (GMT +8)

US West Coast

FRI Afternoon

US East Coast

FRI Evening

*Check-in time: 10-minutes before starting.
Open to all, you can join in whichever sessions you like.


We hold our Global Meditation Community sessions as follow:

45 minutes / session -  The community dialogues and guided meditations are both very meaningful parts of our practice. The Sessions will be conducted in both English and Japanese

1 session / week -  So we have time to dwell into a topic, as well as for us to produce valuable contents sustainably, we run our sessions (basically) once a week, every first 3 Saturdays of a month, so people with work schedule that makes it difficult to join during the week would also be able to attend.

3 sessions / series -  Each series will be devoted to going deep on one topic that relates to our everyday lives.

on the cloud

Brought to you by

Ryosokuin x EXP.

Team-building / Private Sessions

UnXe is perfect for training and team building.
Through UnXe, you can develop skills such as "listening", "deep-thinking", and "communication". It is the power that forms the basis of communication and teamwork. "Multi-faceted questions" from the perspective of Zen and entrepreneurship on one theme expand the possibilities of each person. By sharing the expanded possibilities within the team, we strengthen the individual axis while building up the respect for each other within the team.

Contents (45 minutes)

Basic introduction to meditation
Theme setting and sharing
Meditation 10 minutes
Meditation 10 minutes
Closing / Next theme setting etc.

Theme Examples:

Leadership / Success / Courtesy / Kindness etc.

If you are interested in a special UnXe session:

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