Elemental Living

Yau Yat Chuen, Hong Kong

Lightness the title is on one hand attributed to our aspiration to live a life of minimum environmental impact, on the other, our love for the natural agent that stimulates and illuminates.

While this space is fundamentally providing the utility for everyday living, which we hope it shall do reasonably well, we sincerely hope that it also offers a unique experience of meditation, contemplation and reflection.

Welcome to lightness.

The Space

Light and thin,
Carries no burden.
A cosmic gift.
Invisibly present.


Hong Kong is of a subtropical climate with a notoriously humid and hot summer. The top-floor location of this apartment thus the heat gain from the rooftop makes it even more challenging to cool the space. Fortunately this apartment is situated in a location and height with plenty of wind flow. If the large and plenty windows are used effectively, the natural breeze are certainly delightful for the spring and fall, and even for some summer days.

The few sliding doors allow for a flexible arrangement of cooling zones to allow for energy saving by conditioning only the space that is occupied. Good practice of sequencing these zones could also speed up the cooling of the zones for a transition of activity.In Fall and Spring, natural ventilation itself keeps the space perfectly comfortable. In winter, warm clothes and occasionally a standing space heater shall suffice.

Of pure taste,
and a color sparkling.
Traveled great distance,
for a touch so fleeting.


Deeming the mindful use of water a daily practice of gratefulness. Compared to the immediate conveniences we may feel entitled to, appreciation and contentment for the resources and the gifts that we already have will bring far greater satisfaction and happiness in the long run.

The faucet in the guest bathroom resembles those bamboo ducts leading water from a mountain stream that we sometimes encounter: the slow, precious flow of water is only cherished by the passer-by, never a source of complaint.

The faucet in the master bathroom has full water pressure, although the sink could not hold so much water and would soon overflow. While disturbing, the drainage is designed such that the overflown water will not flood the bathroom. However, a much preferred way of usage is try not to overflow. Through this small practice of self-constraint, we hope to bring about a habit of mindfulness so easily forgotten in a world of comfort, conveniences and consumption.

Warm and bright,
So gently powerful,
Day and night,
Utterly dependable.


The beauty of light is visible only in the contrast of its presence and absence. The illuminated and the shaded surfaces together bring about the shapes and the space. We have lost a culture of appreciating the absence of something that is inherently good, instead we indulge in it, bathe in it, and forget to appreciate amid the abundance. Today, we expect our homes to be lit by the flip of a button; That electricity would flow through the invisible veins of our buildings and power our wishes. We prefer a space that reminds us of the passing of time. A space that is primarily lit by the sun, and minimally lit at night. The lighting of the space is thoroughly using LED strips and LED light bulbs, saving on maintenance as well as energy consumption.

The skylight in the master bedroom acts as a natural alarm. Or sometimes, a comforting tv screen with an endless program of passing clouds, twinkling stars and the freedom from commercial breaks. In the hot season, though, the skylight could be closed to cut down on the heat gain.

Waves of noice
Ripples of conscience
Strings of breeze
Drums of silence


In the morning, as one opens the glass door to the balcony, the songs of birds flavor the air, the sounds of trees give it texture.Around the living room, there is a tatami - Japanese grass mat - and by it a singing bowl. The sound of a singing bowl is simple but, indeed, profound.The practice of meditation begins and ends with the strike of a singing bowl.The sustained vibration intertwines with ones thought, the energy literally absobed by the surrounding and ripples throughout the universe, however feeble and trivial. For times of musical enjoyment, surrounding the living room is a 5.1audio system.


Hong Kong

4 Osmanthus Road,
Yau Yat Chuen
Kowloon, Hong Kong


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