Comfortable Japanese-style suite, a great place for gatherings 舒適的日式套房,聚會好去處 快適な和室スイート、集まるのに最適な場所です

Co-Onsen is a private villa situated right at the border of Atami and Yugawara - the historical town known for its popularity amongst literary masters such as. Against this backdrop, Co-Onsen features 2 private onsens - one made of wood and one of stone, a private sauna, a state-of-the-art kitchen, a phone booth for remote meetings, radiant floor heating at the core, and sleeping space for up to 12 (2 beds, 12 futons total). The house is surrounded by an avant-garde Japanese garden designed by renowned landscape architect Michio Tase, having considered the balance and harmony of every species from the pond to the slopes, coming together in a non-pretentious, natural garden.

Co-Onsen 是一座私人別墅,位於熱海和湯河原的交界處。在此背景下,Co-Onsen 擁有兩個私人溫泉(一個木制,一個石制)、一個私人桑拿房、一個先進的廚房、一個用於遠程會議的電話亭、核心部分的地板輻射供暖系統以及最多可容納 12 人的睡眠空間(2 張床,共 12 個被褥)。 房屋周圍是一個前衛的日式花園,由著名景觀建築師 Michio Tase 設計,從池塘到山坡,每個物種都考慮到了平衡與和諧,匯聚成一個不矯揉造作的自然花園。

Co-Onsenは、熱海と湯河原のちょうど境目に位置するプライベートな別荘です。木造と石造りの2つの自家源泉、プライベートサウナ、最新鋭のキッチン、遠隔会議用の電話ボックス、輻射熱床暖房を中心に、最大12名(ベッド2台、布団12組)の就寝スペースを備えている。 池から斜面まで、あらゆる樹種のバランスと調和を考慮し、気取らない自然な庭にまとめられたこの家は、著名な造園家、田瀬理夫氏によってデザインされた前衛的な日本庭園に囲まれている。


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One of the best stays in a long time. We stayed with a group of friends and soaked in the amazing atmosphere the team created. Unforgettable 3 days. Thank you.

Michel May

This place is fantastic, absolutely worth the price. I've never had such a good experience living in a such traditional and beautiful Japanese garden yard house.

Valerie Wang

You are able to personalize your bed to provide a more comfortable sleeping experience:

Pillow Type
Background Sound
Air Flow


Customize to your need

You will receive a smart locker when you check-in to keep your things safe and sound.


Keep your things safe

Enjoy a hot shower to get refreshed. We provide high quality shower amenities and dyson dryers.


Relax and Refresh

Sliding curtains do not give sufficient sense of privacy; roller blinds are noisy and disturbing. Hence, we have invented a magnetic felt curtain that gives edge to edge coverage, full black out, lock mechanism and quiet operation all-in-one.


Make it Private

The light alarm imitates the sun rise, coming in slowly, with increasing intensity and blue spectrum light. Respecting our evolutionary traits, this alarm is the most natural way of waking up.The cycle continues to increase in frequency until the user wakes up.

Light alarm

Wake you gently

Once you book a slot online and pre-check-in, you will receive their ‘QR-key’ prior to your arrival. The key is only activated within 15 mins from the booking start time.

24/7 check-in

Smart Access


Unique single-story villas for a luxurious spa vacation



Japanese Garden + Villa(Event / Filming)

Japanese Garden + Villa(Event / Filming)

拍攝 / 活動場地(1日)


Comfortable private suite in Japanese style, designed to provide the perfect accommodation experience for families and friends. We offer daily rental, allowing you to choose the length of your stay as needed. Our suite is fully equipped with all necessary amenities, including two hot springs and a sauna. The long corridor offers a view of the garden, where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Come and experience a comfortable and relaxing vacation with us.



¥80,000 /Day

¥80,000 /天

¥80,000 /日

120,000+ JPY / day

Private Japanese Villa w/ Onsen + Sauna

Japanese Style Single Storey Villa (Night)



This is the perfect combination of luxury and tranquility. We offer a unique single-storey villa that can accommodate up to 8 guests, with private gardens and refreshing spa facilities.


豪華さと静けさの完璧な組み合わせです。 最大8名様までご宿泊いただけるユニークな平屋ヴィラには、プライベート・ガーデンとリフレッシュできるスパ施設を完備しています。

¥65,000+ /NIGHT (Tax incl.)

¥65,000+ /晚 (含税)

¥65,000+ /1泊 (税込)

65,000+ JPY (税込)

Secluded Writer's Haven(6-day)

Comfortable Private Suite in Japanese Style (6-day)



Japanese style private suite, designed to provide the perfect accommodation experience for families and friends. We offer monthly rental, and our suite is equipped with all necessary amenities, including two hot springs and a sauna. The location is convenient, with many tourist attractions nearby. Our suite is fully furnished, providing you with your own private space and a comfortable living experience. We look forward to helping you create unforgettable memories during your stay with us.



¥300,000+ / 6-day (tax inclusive)

¥300,000+ / 6天 (含稅)

¥300,000+ / 6日(税込)

300,000+ JPY / 6-day (Tax inclusive)

83 Izumi, Atami, Shizuoka



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Frequently Asked Questionsよくある質問常見問題

What is EXP. Co-Onsen?

EXP. Co-Onsen是什麼?

EXP. 呼隠撰とは?

EXP. Co-Onsen is a house in a garden EXP. Co-Onsen是一座花園洋房 EXP. Co-Onsenは庭園の中の一軒家

What kind of hot spring activities can I experience at EXP.Co-Onsen?


EXP.Co-Onsen ではどんな温泉が体験できますか?

At EXP. Co-Onsen there's stone bath, an indoor wooden bath, and an outdoor wooden bath, also a private sauna for 2 people. All of the baths are equipped with hot and cold water as well as, of course, onsen. 在 EXP.Co-Onsen,有石頭浴池、室內木制浴池和室外木制浴池,還有一個可供兩人使用的私人桑拿浴室。所有浴池都配有冷熱水和溫泉。 EXP. Co-Onsenには石風呂、木の内風呂、木の露天風呂があり、2人用の貸切サウナもある。どのお風呂も温泉はもちろんのこと、温水と冷水を完備している。

Do I need to book a hot spring experience in advance?



Onsen usage are included for all overnight guests. 所以過夜客人均可使用溫泉 宿泊客には温泉利用料が含まれる。

What are the check-in check-out times at EXP.CO-Onsen?

EXP.CO-Onsen 的入住和退房時間是什麼時候?


Check-in at 1500, check-out at 1100 15:00 時入住,11:00 时退房 チェックイン:1500、チェックアウト:1100

Does EXP.CO-Onsen offer catering services?



Guests can pre-reserve a private chef to prepare a meal on site for party of 4 or above. 4人或4人以上的客人可提前預定私人廚師在現場準備餐點。 4名様以上の場合、プライベート・シェフを事前にご予約いただき、その場でお食事をご用意することも可能です。

Is there a parking lot available?



Co-Onsen comes with 6 parking space free of charge for guests. Co-Onsen酒店为客人免費提供6个停車位。 Co-Onsenは、ゲストのために6台の駐車スペースを無料で提供しています。