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EXP. Learning is a non-profit organization focusing on creating educational + entertaining, STEAM-based, borderless, mixed-reality (online-offline) contents for young adults. Through experiential learning, we aim to inspire a new generation of interdisciplinary, intercultural creators who would, amidst the advent of A.I. and the ‘metaverse’, create a future of sustainable peace.

The Story

Space is Limited, a simple fact that concerns most of our fellow citizens, is also the name of the team behind this initiative. We have been a socially responsible and visionary team since 2016, including the winning of “Dream City Urban Design Competition by HK Seek Road” back in 2017, with our proposal once circulated in the late Harvard Urban Forum. Since 2020, at the wake of the social turmoil, we have self-funded a revitalization project turning an abandoned camera factory (~10,000 s.f.) in Kwai Chung into a co-creation space for aspiring creators in Hong Kong, hoping to instill a more constructive and collaborative vibe in the city we love.

Over the past 2 years, we have been the venue sponsor for the Hong Kong International Photo Festival’s exhibition in 2021, scores of cat adoption events, while providing an affordable venue for independent theater performances, film productions, art therapy sessions, wellness experiential workshops and installation art exhibitions. In March 2023, we successfully acquired the S88 status under EXP. Learning Ltd. that is dedicated to provide equal opportunity to disadvantaged and underserved young people to explore, enjoy and learn from the experiences in our network of experts in different arenas so that we can empower and equip them for the ever changing future.

Our Programs

The 'Borderless Academy' rethinks traditional education. Rather than skills or output driven, we focus on 'transformation' from the inside-out: Knowing that our reach and resources are limited, we design our programs to focus on inspiring internal changes in the learners such that they would then continue the endless journey of learning with more motivation, purpose and passion.

As a start, we organize our programs into 3 modules:

Language x Culture

Visual Communication

immersive Travel

These 3 modules are chosen based on our reflection upon the needs of society for the next century, and the applicability to and interests of our target learners.

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Our Experts

We believe when Expertise is attained, it becomes our most sustainable assets. That is why we try our best to bring together Experts from all walks of life, to bring about a community of diverse and unique expertise.

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