A Cloud Operation System
For independent People + spaces

remote IoT/

EXP.OS is an end-to-end solution For freelancers + Independent space operators to Level-Up.

With flexible by-the-minute, inventory management, remote access control, minimalist booking engine, and a Csv-friendly crm, EXP.OS helps you focus on delivering the best experiences to your customers.

Why use EXP.OS?


Increase Utilisation

Space and time are both scarce resources, that's why our system is designed to allow flexible definition of spaces and durations such that we can package them to unleash their untapped potentials. (hourly, upsell)Free yourself (IoT + remote ops)Gain insight (dashboards + user data)


Free-up Yourself

When integrated with our proprietary or off-the-shelf integration ready IoT locks, the real-time dashboard and event-based notifications sent to Slack will let you operate your space from anywhere, anytime.


Gain Insights

Our system supports csv export for both the reservation as well as guest data for your managed spaces / services. Our real-time dashboard also allows you to spot trends in your operation so you could do timely adjustments.



Minimalist booking system

More to come



Space+Time Management System
  • Real-time inventory optimisation
  • Manage by-the-minute bookings
  • Location based dashboard

More to come



remote access control/Autonomous UX
  • QR-code Access Verification
  • Remote Unlock

More to come



Customer Relations Management
  • Loyalty rewards scheme
  • Gamifications

More to come

Open call for owners+ managers
of mindful spaces to be part of our exp. Living network.

Let us breathe life into your space with our OS, design, and membership.

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