Japanese Language x Culture Course 日本語言x文化課程 日本語言文化コース

At EXP, we believe that the best way to learn a language is by immersing ourselves in its culture. That's why we created our Japanese Language x Culture Course, which uses Manga as the medium of instruction. By taking advantage of the ubiquity of this cultural artifact, we can leapfrog the language basics and dive straight into the appreciation of stories and contexts.



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Learning Japanese Language through the Culture of Manga

(Japanese) Language & Culture Short-Term Course (Fee Required)

(Japanese) Language and Culture Short-Term Course (Fee Required)



Our experienced Japanese teachers use manga as a teaching tool to provide fun and engaging lessons. We offer four one-hour lessons per month, with multiple difficulty levels available to suit all learners, from beginners to advanced. Improve your Japanese skills while also deepening your understanding of Japanese culture and having fun in our classes!



adult:1,600HKD / 4X1h lesson

Students:800HKD /4X1h lesson

成人:1,600港币 /4X1h 課程

學生:800港币 /4X1h 課程

成人:1,600HKD /4×1hのコースで

学生:800HKD /4×1hのコースで

Starting from 800 HKD / class.

(Japanese) Language & Culture Course(Free)

(Japanese) Language and Culture Course (Free)



Are you interested in learning Japanese but struggling to find beginner-friendly resources? Join us for our language and culture course, which uses manga as a teaching tool. We offer a free trial lesson that lasts for one hour. Learn Japanese, discover Japanese culture, and make friends with like-minded individuals.



0 HKD /class

0 HKD /堂

0 HKD /回

Free Trial Class 0 HKD /class

Online Course delivered via Zoom



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Frequently Asked Questionsよくある質問常見問題

I do not know anything about Japanese, can I join? 我不懂日語,我可以參加嗎? 日本語について何も知りませんが、参加してもいいですか?
This is a short-term course aimed at cultivating learners' interest in Japanese language and culture, as well as promoting cultural exchange. Therefore, individuals of any level of Japanese proficiency are welcome to participate. 這是一個短期課程,主要旨在培養學習者對日語和日本文化的興趣以及促進文化交流。因此,歡迎任何日語程度的人來參加。 これは短期のコースで、主に学習者の日本語と日本文化への興味の育成と文化交流の促進を目的としています。したがって、どの段階の日本語学習者でも参加を歓迎します。
Can I join together with one or both of my parents/guardians? 我可以和我的一位或兩位家長/監護人一起參加嗎? 両親/保護者のうち一人または両方と一緒に参加することはできますか?
Minors under the age of 18 can choose to have one or both parents/guardians accompany them to participate. 18岁以下未成年人可以选择让一位或两位父母/监护人陪同参加。 18歳未満の未成年者は、1人または2人の両親/保護者を同伴として参加することができます。
If I have a schedule clash and must miss one or more of the lessons of the course, would that make it impossible for me to catch up? 如果我因为时间冲突而无法参加其中一节或多节课程,那么我还能赶上吗? もしスケジュールが重なって授業の一部または複数を欠席する必要がある場合、取り戻すことができなくなるでしょうか?
Each lesson is independent, so missing one lesson will not affect the following lessons. 每节课都是独立的课程,因此缺席一节课并不会对后续课程产生影响。 各講義は独立したものであり、1回欠席しても後続の講義に影響はありません。