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A Series of Mysterious Vanishings are happening at the Gough neighborhood. Can you help find the culprit?

On a mission to research street art, AIXO meets up with the player only to find Aurora - the sleeping beauty - committed to finding the ‘killer on the run’ in the neighborhood; Help Aurora in her detective attempt to find the culprit.

*As time travels and artwork holograms are not allowed to touch anything, AIXO needs you to join it for the research / detective work.

Mission Overview:

AIXO comes back from 100 year into the future to learn about Humanity: on this mission to research Street Art, we meet Aurora, one of the surviving street arts of the Gough neighborhood, asking for help to find the culprit that has been causing many members of the neighborhood to vanish mysteriously. Help Aurora on her detective work, and AIXO on its research about Street Art.


1. Gough Street

2. Kau U Fong

3. Sin Hing Street


45 minutes


A Feather From an UnexpectedFAlly!


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You are able to personalize your bed to provide a more comfortable sleeping experience:

Pillow Type
Background Sound
Air Flow


Customize to your need

You will receive a smart locker when you check-in to keep your things safe and sound.


Keep your things safe

Enjoy a hot shower to get refreshed. We provide high quality shower amenities and dyson dryers.


Relax and Refresh

Sliding curtains do not give sufficient sense of privacy; roller blinds are noisy and disturbing. Hence, we have invented a magnetic felt curtain that gives edge to edge coverage, full black out, lock mechanism and quiet operation all-in-one.


Make it Private

The light alarm imitates the sun rise, coming in slowly, with increasing intensity and blue spectrum light. Respecting our evolutionary traits, this alarm is the most natural way of waking up.The cycle continues to increase in frequency until the user wakes up.

Light alarm

Wake you gently

Once you book a slot online and pre-check-in, you will receive their ‘QR-key’ prior to your arrival. The key is only activated within 15 mins from the booking start time.

24/7 check-in

Smart Access


Join AIXO the huamnity researcher and Aurora the Sleeping Beauty in their detective action as a solo player, or as a Team together with your friends, family or colleagues.



Play with the solitude and freedom at your own pace.

40 HKD

40 HKD



Complete the Mission with your friends, family or colleagues for a bonding experience!

80 HKD

80 HKD

Starting Point: SLEEEP | HKG.Gough

22.284720240088546, 114.15160322731202
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Frequently Asked Questionsよくある質問常見問題

What is PLAAAY?

PLAAAY is EXP. Journeys’ signature location-based games

What are Missions?

Missions are AR-powered games that take the player on a real-world adventure with a specific itinerary

How do I get started?

Select a mission for purchase, complete payment, and you will receive an email with a direct link to the game in your language along with additional information on how to get your adventure started!

What do I need to play a Mission?

An internet-connected mobile device (mobile phone/tablet), comfortable walking shoes, and an adventurous spirit!

Can I play with other people?

Team play is available for selection within the email, follow the instructions to play the Mission with more than one person/device.