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Launch + Orbit

Launch + Orbit

Each project by EXP. goes through the process from design to construction, detailing to operation. The transition of each phases often requires huge efforts and energy akin to the take-off of a space craft. And since the goal is not only to take off from the ground, but to have a sustainable operation, for the ideal state we use the metaphor of 'orbit' as it is the state where the object (in the space industry, the satellite) remains at high altitude relative to the surface of the planet often without significant extra input of energy, as the objective that by the end of the launch + orbit process, the project should be operating at high standards without significant further input of investments.

The Launch + Orbit process often involves:
Thorough Cleaning
Materials Purchase
SOP write-up
Sales Channels Listing
Press Release Distribution
First 10 bookings
First 100 Check-outs + Ratings.

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