EXP. is a constellation of people and spaces connected by missions, backed by technologies, and lit by the arts.

Through unique experiences, diverse voices and open innovations, we unite to enrich, embrace and empower the full potentials of each and every one of our meaningful lives.


People . Space . Missions

EXP is a not just a lifestyle, it is a choice.
It is a not just a subscription living network, it is a mindful way of life.

Steam SaunaZazen MeditationMusic + FriendshipsMinimalist goodsThe community of dreamersWellness workshopsSteam SaunaTeamwork

Our Spaces

Minimalist Capsule Hotel
Global Meditation
The Mobile Teahouse
Live+Work Entrepreneurs Community
66,000 sqm. of Private Forrest + Hotel
(Coming Soon)
The Curated Retail Experience

Live Free

Be part of something larger.

Starting in Hong Kong + Japan + Thailand (Coming soon)

Expand your Vision

Stay Tuned.

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