EXP. is For Good: We are in for the long game, gathering good people, building good spaces, and Sharing good experiences.

Each and every day, We strive to be a force for good

Our definition of

Good People

Good people are authentic, not fake;
Kind, not mean;
Honest, not deceiving;
Hardworking, not lazy;
Compassionate, not self-absorbed.
Courageous enough to admit weaknesses, and humble enough to strive for growth.

Our definition of

Good Spaces

A good space is one that is clean, not dirty;
safe, not dangerous;
simple, not cluttered;
beautiful, not ugly;
inspiring, not intoxicating;
thoughtful, not careless;
and, infused with love.

Our definition of

Good Experiences

A good experience is one that is not only delightful, but one that causes a positive change in us.
A healthier body, a more peaceful mind, a more compassionate heart;
A broadened vision, a connected self, a deepened bond with loved ones.

Whether these experiences are delivered through the quiet presence of a space crafted with love,
or an open interaction with someone sincere,
or the shared moments with a community of common values,
good experiences elevate us, bit by bit.