A Token of Freedom

available only for pilgrims

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Fundamental to The EXP. Living network is  
The Space Liberation Protocol(SLP)

It is a token designed to allow us to share spaces more effectively, more confidently and more deliberately.

SPACE LIberation PROtocol

A prepaid point system that allows you to privatise (license) spaces where and when of your own choosing.

The Motivation

We are founded in Hong Kong. We have experienced first hand the cruel reality of how the lack of space could diminish people, crash dreams, and even tear a city apart; yet we also recognise that we are living in a world of unprecedented population, expecting to grow more still; of irreversible climate change, expecting to shrink our lands. Space is limited, and the mainstream 'solution' has been about dividing spaces into smaller and smaller units, but fundamentally dominated by the concept of 'private ownership', whether long-term (bought) or short (lease).

A new paradigm is needed.

A paradigm that is not based on private ownership, but on common co-creation. That is not to say we do away with privacy; instead, we embrace the power of design and technology to allow us to share these spaces with fairness, efficiency and harmony. This system would then allow us to pay for our piece of privacy only when we need it, where we need it, creating savings for the individuals, expanded freedom for the community, and eventually, doing away with the need of Territories – the paradigm that, if you think about it, has already brought us two world wars.


The MEchanism

SLP is a prepaid point system that allows you to privatise (license) spaces where and when of your own choosing.
The use of SLP will immediately give you a discount over currency value as you make bookings.
Moreover, unlike rent, SLP retains its value for up to a whole year so you could even spend them on staycations or expeditions to foreign lands where our network has reached.
While some locations on the network are open to the public, some, with a focus on enabling our community, would be bookable with SLP only.
Holders of SLP in turn have the responsibility to maintain and improve the quality of these common spaces.

To acquire SLP one must be a vetted and verified member, known as Pilgrims.

The Pricing

SLP as a token shall be subscribed via various currencies. We begin with a conversion rate as follow: The monthly subscription plans have flexible pricing to enable our diverse group

SLP is not a currency. Although it does have a specific price in different currencies:


HKD 1,000

JPY 15,000

THB 4,000

As a reference, SLPs can be used to (pricing subject to updates):


SleeEP Capsules

8 SLP/hr.
24 SLP/night.
For 1


6 SLP/hr.
For 2-3

Co-Creation Event Space

50 SLP/hr.
300 SLP/Day
For 2-20


150–200 SLP/WK.
2200 SLP/mo.
For 2-20

Industrial Loft

200–250 SLP/Day.
2800 SLP/Mo.
For 2-20


1200–2800 SLP/day
For 8–15



100–280 SLP/Day
For 2-4


200–250 SLP/Day
2000 SLP/Mo.
For 2-4

Secluded house

200–250 SLP/Day
2000 SLP/Mo.
For 2-4

TH (Chiang Mai)

Co-working space
(Hot Desk)

60 SLP/Day
For 1

Co-working space

250-350 SLP/Mo.
For 1-2

Co-Living (room)

50 SLP/Day.
500 SLP/mo.
For 1-2

And more coming...



1. Apply / be nominated
2. Schedule a face-to-face (virtual/physical) interview.
3. Get result. In the case of Approval, continue to step 4.
4. Purchase one of the subscription plans with online payments
5. You will be notified with a log-in link via email
6. Once you're logged-in to our web-app, you'll see your SLPs in your wallet, with which you can start booking your space wherever, whenever you need them!

Community Health

In order to maintain a healthy community, a code of conduct will evolve along with our community. As a common ground:
acts of violence, discrimination, dishonesty for self-serving purposes, gross wastefulness, theft, and destruction shall constitute a Strike to a member's record. And two-strikes in a period of 24 months, or an accumulation of 5 strikes in 5 years, will result in the forfeiting of the Pilgrim status, the transfer of all held SLPs at 50% cash value as retribution to the community.

Technical Note

SLP is a double entry system with one local and one 3rd party system to ensure the validity of each transaction. While we have heavily evaluated the block-chain infrastructure and are tempted by the hype, we have come to the current decision that unless the severe environmental impact of block-chain infrastructure could be mitigated, it is not responsible for us to migrate that carbon footprint to our conscious community.