The Borderless
Design Collective

From Architecture to
Form to FOrmless

Some call us designers / architects / artists /
writers / musicians / Photographers / film-makers /
Entrepreneurs / athletes。

We are who we are: undefinEd unorthodox talents– brought together by The love for life, and a Vision for a world w/o Borders.

We create experiences that transcends disciplines, challenges the norm, and break the status quo. We take in the moments of love we have experienced in life and recreate them in our work. That is why, we sign our work–

by EXP.


As part of the EXP. movement, the team behind EXP. can provide services to clients and partners with common values and aligned missions, in the following areas of expertise:

Space Design

From 10 sqm. to 1000 sqm, prefab interior to architecture to urban design.


Visual identity, goods, copy-writing, and service flow design.


Interactive, generative, and immersive.

Product developments

Prefab, Furniture, IoT, Mobility


User centric, rapid prototyping + scalable designs.


Online-Offline, Geo-location, AR/VR

Let's create


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Join us

If you are An unorthodox talent or a studio
looking to do something meaningful across disciplines and scales
We are always looking for like-minded
creatives + mind-blowing portfolios to expand the boundary of possibilities.

Our team is distributed across Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, and the U.K.

Please send us your CV, Portfolio, Reference Letters and Availability.

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