EXP. Glossary:





a distinctive practice, system, or philosophy, typically a political ideology or an artistic movement.
artistic: modernism, post-modernism, impressionism, deconstructivism, materialism, minimalism
social: individualism, existentialism, feminism, humanism, passivism...
ideological: judaism, buddhism, taoism, communism, capitalism, socialism, utilitarianism...
In simple terms, -ism is a label created to group together a set of people with distinct beliefs or behaviors. A group of artists who practice similar style, similar techniques or social agenda, would be grouped and labeled after or during its time by themselves or critics, such as Impressionism or modernism.
While labeling may be viewed negatively at times, the awareness of its happening and the consciousness in its use could be very beneficial: It allows us to examine more accurately our own values and behaviors and identify the similarities and differences with existing beliefs.
Now, this we believe:
  • Our lives are measured by our experiences rather than our bank account(s);
  • Failures are successful experiments, and the necessary fuel for future successes.
  • In the long run, Love is more powerful than fear, and it must be sincerely and repeatedly expressed.
  • Just as an exploration into the uncharted, what is meaningful, worth doing and yet to be done will not be easy and takes time.
  • The world would be more peaceful without national borders. While nationalism is artificial and only temporary, the human consciousness shall and will expand beyond it.
For accuracy and efficiency's sake, we label this set of values and beliefs by coining the term: Exp.ism ,- as the philosophical underpinning for our behaviors, community, and all of our creations.

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